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Daisywheel White Label Publications

Make your magazine work for you

Our company CJ Wellings Ltd has been providing high quality publishing services for 14 years. We have created magazines and online communications for healthcare professionals, government organisations, international conferences and events, as well as publishing regular professional and consumer publications.

We can now offer you our ‘white label’ publishing services. Magazines will be produced by our in-house team, working with sector-specific experts and thought leaders to create expert content on any subject. Each beautifully produced result is individually branded for any company or organisation to send out every quarter as their magazine.

Sending out a branded publication provides an opportunity for any organisation to increase client communications and grow their business – with every aspect of the publishing taken care of.

We currently provide this service in the accountancy sector and are following this success by expanding into other sectors in 2018. We offer a generous profit split to sector experts who want to work with our publishing team.

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I get it...

But I don't have the time, and I'm not a writer, designer or marketing professional !

No, but we are!

Please contact one of our publishing professionals, who can explain the service and answer any questions you may have.

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